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The Jazz Worcester Real Book
By Chet Williamson, with Dick Odgren

When people speak of celebrities from Worcester, the names Denis Leary, Alicia Witt and Eddie Mekka are usually dropped. Did you know that the city has also produced some of the more distinguished names in the world of jazz? Jaki Byard, Frank Capp, Barbara Carroll and Tony Zano, among others, also hail from our fair city. Author Chet Williamson has written a book about these local artists and many more. Called The Jazz Worcester Real Book, the volume features biographies, profiles, vintage photographs and original musical compositions by 100 artists. A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, this is Williamson's first book. Since 1998 he has been A&E editor of Worcester Magazine. He is also a semi-professional musician who leads his own group, Chromatic Swing.

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